AIFF Logo Anchorage International Film Festival
november 30 - december 9, 2007


Mailing address

Anchorage International Film Festival
3211 Providence Drive - Library - AMIPA
Anchorage, AK 99508-4614 USA
Phone (907) 338-3690

Cast and Crew

Fundraising & Sponsorship
Michele Miller
AMIPA Executive Director
(907) 786-4980
Community Relations
Lee Bullington
Budget & Finances
Mia Oxley
Glen Hemingson
Michele Miller
Film Entries & Concessions
Julie Cayouette
Kim Wilson
Larissa Villar
The 49th Reel
Cathyrn Posey
Dawn Biddison
Juliet Hildreth
Melissa Bartley
Director of Programming
Tony Sheppard
Festival Founder
(907) 338-3690
Programming - Animation
Josh Gamez
Programming - Documentaries
Pamela Thompson
Programming - Family
Julie Decker
Programming - Features
Tony Sheppard
Programming - Shorts
Miranda Lynn
Mark Lutz
Programming - Super Shorts
Erik Breese
Programming - Snowdance
Laura Spaan
Programming - Special Selections
Rand Thornsley
Technical & Projection
Patrick Donnelly
Website Development
Mike Robinson

Special thanks to Pamela Thompson for photographs of all five years of the festival. Her website is