A Cheval à Travers l’Alaska (Crossing Alaska with Horses)

Watch the trailer for this documentary and find out more information and screening times.

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  1. pauline says:

    I’ll be there at the projections, I will be pleased to see you, and have a nice time with you.

  2. pamela says:

    Pauline DeCroix, Director of this film will be here to introduce her film and speak to the audience following both screenings. She is very excited about coming!

    I asked her a few questions about her film and below is some of what she shared:
    Me: I do wonder now — how did all get back to Anchorage to return to France, including the horses? Did they come back the same way they went or what?

    Pauline > For the return :
    Megan and Me, we took the plane from Prudohe Bay to Anchorage, and did in a few minutes all the way back, which took us 2 months to do….. Me because I have to get back in France, because of my work, and Megan also did go back in Philadelphia also. Philippe and Laurent stayed there with the horses. Actually we planed since Fairbanks our return, so we had a trailer with us, and a 4X4 for all the Dalton Highway. So at the end, they put the horses in the trailer, and came back for Prudohe Bay, but it was really hard, because of the snow. And after that, they did sold the Horses in Faribanks, for Chevelle, and Boogie was sold to the family who had Chevelle (in Kenny Lake) for the convalescence.

  3. pauline says:

    you can check out the website of the movie on the website :

    Be aware guys, it’s a french website…
    I’ll do my best next time

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