Autism: The Musical

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  1. pamela says:

    Nov. 19 “Autism, the Musical” Director / Tricia Regan – response to an INDIE doc blogger who listed his top doc choices :
    autism: the musical – upon not viewing this movie, you might think it is unhip, unedgy, even treacly. you might be shocked it made the oscar’s documentary shortlist. upon viewing, you might have another opinion altogether. ironically, the film is about seeing autistic kids without pre-conceived notions, and letting them unfurl for you for exactly who they are. sometimes the personal is the most political. start to think about why we are, collectively as a society, ignoring a health situation that is endangering 1 in 150 of our kids. start to think about why Bush put a stop to a nationwide longitudinal study on children’s health that already had millions invested in setting it up and stood to save us billions in health care costs. maybe we don’t want to know why this generation of kids is the first generation of american kids to be less healthy than their parents. it’s not just autism, it’s diabetes and cancer too. and asthma. Start to think about why we wouldn’t want to know why. who would be implicated — polluters, corporations, big pharma, our own appetites for cars and plastics and energy to fuel our homes? nobody knows what causes autism – and why it has jumped from 1 in 10,000 kids in 1980 to one in 150. and that is the first question people ask me after seeing this movie – why is this happening? and that is not treacly, or sentimental, it is eerie. and troubling. And that is why, after seeing this movie, people tell me they just can’t forget it.

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