A Good Day for Docs

This Sunday (12/2) is a good day to see some outstanding documentaries in the festival. We are screening two films that made this year’s Academy Awards shortlist for Best Documentary Feature–Taxi to the Dark Side (Out North at 12:00 pm) and Autism: the Musical (Out North at 2:30 pm).

Later in the day, we are screening The Prize of the Pole (Fireweed at 5:00 pm) and Orange Revolution (Fireweed at 7:30 pm). All four of these films are in competition for this year’s AIFF Best Documentary Feature.

Rounding out the day are two more documentaries–Gulf War Syndrome: Killing Our Own (Out North at 5:30 pm) and Vida de Ciro or Circus Life (Anchorage Museum at 7:30 pm). These are the only screenings for these two films during the festival. Decisions, decisions.

Find out more information for Taxi to the Dark Side or watch a trailer.

Find out more information for Autism the Musical or watch a trailer.

Find out more information for The Prize of the Pole.

Find out more information for Orange Revolution or watch a trailer.

Find out more information for Gulf War Syndrome or watch a trailer.

Find out more information for Vida de Ciro.

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  1. pamela says:

    Yes, the docs are rockin out all over town and ain’t no wonder with i line up like we’ve got! Thanks, Mike !
    As you know “Orange Revolution” was wonderful seeing on Film Print, and what a double feature !! People were blown away by “The Prize of the Pole” (also film print) and what a prize it is!!! Hivushu was so close to coming. What a beautiful man . What a beautiful and sad story… the story of the world and how we do wrong for glory, and so much more.
    “Autism, the Musical” was nearly packed at OutNorth. The applause was loud and the crowd was spirt touched throughout.
    Unfortunately, the power was “zapped” early on with 20+ mins. lft to “Taxi to the Dark Side”. A few people were grateful. Not that it was a bad thing, but they couldn’t take much more – for good reason. Hard to sit and watch your own gov. condone such human atrocities and feeling like you can’t stop it and knowing that it still continues and not much has changed. What a powerful film it is!! If only GWB’s administration were forced to sit down in front of the screen and watch it!
    There’s so much more…. as i prepare to pick up the filmmaker’s that are all coming in at once… o my.

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