A Cool Cat Purrs onto Anchorage Silver Screens

The Festival is honored to present the World Premier of the Dalai Lama’s Cat directed by Michael Boswell. Peter and Michael Boswell are flying in from Sydney, Australia and will be on hand for both screenings, 12/7 Friday 6pm at Out North and 12/8 Saturday 1:30pm at the Anchorage Museum.

The docudrama tells of Peter’s lifelong ambition to go to Tibet and Michael’s ambition for Peter to pay back the money he owes him. Peter and Michael end up going to Tibet together. Their excuse is Peter’s imminent wedding which offers a novel alternative to the traditional handcuffed-to-a-lamp-post stag night. Mount Kailash — located on the remote Tibetan Plateau — is sacred to Buddhists and Hindus. A pilgrimage washes away a lifetime of sins… Peter and Michael realize they can only benefit from their journey to the roof of the world. Things then get complicated. Appointed Peter’s best man and responsible for his safe return to London for the big day, Michael must contend with Peter’s obsession with tale of the Dalai Lama’s cats, auspicious felines scattered to various monasteries around Tibet when the Lama fled the country as the Chinese army invaded in 1959. Searching for evidence of the cats, Peter and Michael discover the real situation of a country still suffering under the occupation of the Chinese government.

Find out more information for The Dalai Lama’s Cat or watch a trailer.

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