Once, late

Because I live within spitting distance of the Fireweed Cinema, I elected to see “Once” Wednesday night. Was it Wednesday? Guess so. My husband urged me to take the car rather than walk, which is what I normally do. It’s icy after all.

I was most taken aback by the crowds, especially for a movie that has already had its moment in the theaters. I also felt like a lame-o for going to a movie that is distributed by Fox Searchlight, rather than being cobbled together by UCLA film students. This is especially true since last year I only managed to make it to “Shortbus” by an already established indie darling.

Plus, “Once” had been so heavily promoted on NPR earlier this year that I felt I had heard the promo more than I hear Bede Trantina’s voice. But I dragged myself to the theater anyway. It was more than worth it, surprisingly. All my doubts — what if I hate the music, what if the story line is contrived — were put away as the movie went on.

And what’s better than being elbow to elbow with strangers for a couple of hours, all of you focused not on the Christmas gifts you still have to buy or the tickling feeling of a cold virus settling into your nasal passages or the fact that it’s dark at 3:40 today. Instead, for a little while you can be whisked to Ireland on the sounds of accessible pop songs. What’s wrong with that?

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