Golden Oosikar Awards Ceremony

The culmination of the AIFF is the Golden Oosikar Awards Ceremony starting at 7pm tonight (Saturday) at the Anchor Pub. The diverse competition juries, comprised of individuals from our community with original and objective points of view, select films to receive our honorary awards. It’s our chance to recognize the best AIFF filmmakers for their commitment to the art of filmmmaking and supporting the Festival by sharing their vibrant visions with the film lovers of Alaska. The audience will also participate in screening and judging the the 3 finalists in the Animation and Super Short program, and help decide the winning films. Tickets are $15 or free entry with ALL EVENT PASS.

Call It Oosik or a Baculum, Either way it’s a Popular Bone to Pick

The word baculum means “stick” or “staff” in Latin. Oosik, however, is the Inupiaq (an Inuit dialect) word for penis. The Oosik is the bone inside the penis of bears, seals, sea lions, bulls, bats, foxes, otters, monkeys and rodents. The human male is not born with this bone, which may account for Oosik envy and the desire to own one.

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