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Awakening: The First Day

Long ago, a god of Light travels in search of belonging, but he cannot escape the shadows in pursuit of him....
6 min | Jos Diaz Contreras & Santiago Carrasquilla | | Alaskan Premiere
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The human impact on sharks and coral reefs, as seen through the eyes of a Tiger Shark in Hawaiian waters over ...
10 min | Brittany Biggs | | Alaskan Premiere
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Shattering Stars

A 19-year-old Indian physics prodigy is awarded a scholarship to go to England to study with the world’s mos...
13 min | Peter Galison | | Alaskan Premiere
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She Won’t Make Brunch

Kasey, running late for brunch, is further delayed when her boyfriend shares a disturbing dream he had about h...
17 min | Luka Stojcic | | World Premiere
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The Winterkeeper

As the impact of the climate crisis intensifies each year, both Steven Fuller and Yellowstone face an unpreced...
12 min | Laurence Topham & David Levene | Alaskan Premiere
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Wallowing Bull

Indigenous singer-songwriter Christian Wallowing Bull explores the cultural significance of the American bison...
5 min | Dan Lior | | Alaskan Premiere
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