Presented as Part Of SHORTS: Unexpected Turns

Barely Breathing

Sai is guilted into moving in with his father and step mother after nearly dying in an embarrassing accident....
20 min | Derek Evans | | Alaskan Premiere
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Funny Not Funny

Kirsten, a comedian who is a 9/11 survivor with a terminal illness, embraces the tragic absurdity of the cards...
14 min | Marc D'Agostino & Ben Feldman | | Alaskan Premiere
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The Cure

Maria is only allowed to separate from her mother to go to the bathroom, but something unexpected will disrupt...
13 min | Sara Balassone | US Premiere
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The Stupid Boy

The paths of a 16-year-old neurodivergent boy unable to recognize hatred and bullying, and a broken man full o...
15 min | Phil Dunn |
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