Presented as Part Of SHORTS: Do We Still Need Feminism?


Meet Jasmina and Miriam, who took the courage to break free from a life of despair....
16 min | Star Bazancir & Jasmina Pusök | | Alaskan Premiere
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Paint Her Red

In this short film, written and directed by Bella Thone, Bella delivers an unapologetic narrative, both painfu...
11 min | Bella Thorne | | Alaskan Premiere
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Projekt Pappa

A father-daughter story of love, frustration, and the complexity of loving someone who is your complete opposi...
28 min | Camilla Jämting | | World Premiere
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In an abandoned barn, a filmmaker discovers an excavator, standing unattended. The sight of it sends her diggi...
9 min | Tora Johanne Turøy | | North American Premiere
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A young fairy, bored with her life at the fairytale castle, would rather be a witch so she can scream, fly on ...
15 min | Cedric Igodt & David Van de Weyer |
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