Presented as Part Of SHORTS: Childhood Dreams


A Norwegian boy struggles to adapt to his grandparents' summer home in the Basque Country in France. Observing...
14 min | Ingvild Søderlind | Alaskan Premiere
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Fear leaves you few options. ...
7 min | Christen R. Carter | | Alaskan Premiere
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Chicho, a Dreamer

Chicho, who has worked since he stepped foot on American soil, is one of 640,000 people who are allowed to wor...
16 min | Thomas Morgan | | World Premiere
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Gaby’s Hills

Thirteen-year-old Gaby arrives in the Magdalen Islands to spend the summer with her father, as she does every ...
20 min | Zoé Pelchat | | Alaskan Premiere
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My Parents’ Bazaar

According to the Indian family tradition, the eldest son is obliged to take care of the business and his paren...
28 min | Rakesh Narwani | | Alaskan Premiere
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