Presented as Part Of SHORTS: Made in Alaska 2

A Lesson in Life

Ricky Vasquez, a beloved staple in the Anchorage night-life, finds a way of connecting with almost everyone he...
3 min | Valerie Kern | | World Premiere
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On the run from demons of his own design, a man must confront his dark past and face the mistakes he made....
33 min | Ethan Feaster | | World Premiere
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When a group of hikers stumble across a once in a lifetime opportunity, they soon realize to be careful what t...
5 min | Carl Weber |
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Indigenous Resistance: Now and Then

After going through statehood, blood quantum, ANCSA, boarding schools, stripping our language and dance away, ...
15 min | ''Wáats''asdíyei Joe Yates |
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Nourishing the Kenai

Farming in Alaska has many challenges, but as small farms across the country decline, one Alaskan community's ...
25 min | Emrys Eller
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The Alaska Range

The ups and downs of skiing and mountaineering in the Alaska Range. ...
7 min | Ryan Tansey | | Alaskan Premiere
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Won’t Figure It Out Tonight

A musical and visual exploration of the continuous journey of an artist to turn the lonely and sometimes dark ...
3 min | Emily Niebuhr | | World Premiere
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