Presented as Part Of The Bond

Little Hurts

A visit to the dry cleaners to enlarge a waistband ends up in a three-ring circus featuring a chorus of fat-sh...
11 min | Debra Solomon | | Alaskan Premiere
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Barely Breathing

Sai is guilted into moving in with his father and step mother after nearly dying in an embarrassing accident....
20 min | Derek Evans | | Alaskan Premiere
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love bubbles

Floating on a pink cloud as a couple is much easier than coping with everyday life and the future together....
8 min | Marcel Hobi | | Alaskan Premiere
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The Old Young Crow

In the twilight of his life, an elderly man reminisces about his transformative journey from Iran to Japan....
12 min | Liam LoPinto | | Alaskan Premiere
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Seeds of Change

In a 5-acre garden across the street, an organic Farmer in Maine sets out to transform the local prison''s foo...
27 min | Maximilian Armstrong | | Alaskan Premiere
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